Spring Grove Area Educational Fund Inc.




Grants offered by the Spring Grove Area Educational Fund provide Spring Grove Area School District (SGASD) staff opportunities to enhance educational experiences and activities, or perhaps take advantage of an opportunity for their students that was not available when budgets were being considered.

SGAEF grants are open to all staff of SGASD, therefore it does not have to be curricular based. Grant proposals must fit with the mission and/or diversity statement of SGASD and support programs that would not be normally funded through the school budget. There is no cap on requested amounts, but the proposal request must be reasonable and within the scope of your proposal.


Grant Procedures

Grant proposals to SGAEF are welcomed twice a year:

1.     Grant applications due March 30th. Notification of grants awarded by May 31st. Grant evaluation report due February 1st. 

2.     Grant applications due October 1st. Notification of grants awarded by November 30th. Grant evaluation report due May 1st.

Responses must be typed and require ink signatures. Grant applications must be submitted to the SGAEF at the Educational Service Center, 100 E. College Avenue, Spring Grove, PA, or via e-mail at sgaef@sgasd.org.

Grant proposals will be reviewed by the SGAEF Board of Directors and evaluated using a scoring rubric. Should more information be needed or the application deemed incomplete, a representative of the SGAEF Board of Directors will notify the primary contact listed on the grant application. The applicant(s) will have one week to revise/submit the proposal or otherwise forfeit consideration.

If a proposal is awarded grant funds, the applicant(s) are required to submit a grant project summary to the SGAEF Board of Directors by the above stated date correlating to the application date. The summary report should detail the success of the project and include supporting documentation such as testimonials, photographs, videos, etc. The grant project summary and supporting documents will be utilized by SGAEF to showcase successful programs, highlight the benefits of the grant program, and solicit future grant proposals and funding from current and new donors.

Should a grant proposal be denied, an explanation will be supplied to the primary contact of the grant application and to the appropriate building principal.

The Grants


The innovation grant

Grant proposal projects that offer new and unique programs that respond to a defined need and/or interest may apply for this grant. The project must represent a new or rethink of an existing educational initiative. These projects might expand student experiential learning, engage families and/or the community in education, and/or explore use and integration of new technology.


excellence in practice grant

Grant proposal projects that have been funded by an SGAEF grant in the past that have a continual need may apply for this grant. The project must represent a previous positive outcome that has a recurring interest and/or need, but has not been adopted into the school budget and/or is in need of additional funds. The project proposal must prove the program has productive value and is in the best interest of students, staff, the community, and/or SGASD to continue. First time proposal submissions in this category of grants will be given greater weight in consideration of grant funds awarded.


the impact grant

This grant is primarily for administrators who need support for a project that has a broad reach or is substantial in scope. Applicants are required to provide budget justification for the amount being requested.

Evaluation of Grant Proposals

The grant proposal scoring rubric is used to evaluate the grant applications submitted for consideration. The SGAEF Board of Directors uses the rubric to guide its deliberations, but may also consider other factors that are unique to specific projects.